Call Me By Your Silly Bandz

WE ARE BACK, P*OS!! Even though we still haven’t gotten our mascot changed, we have had the time to get unreasonably risqué–and not just Jackson this time. We talk winter break, the bangers of 2012, and our sponsorship with Trojan™ Products: America’s Most Trusted Condoms. Also, Floridians want to die but we all knew that.Continue reading “Call Me By Your Silly Bandz”

The Chicken Caesar Salad of Interviews

*Special Interview Episode* with the most power-hungry Skintight ~ALUMNI~, Holden! We talk USG, DC, and CCSs while Isla, yet again, does not understand college slang to an embarrassing degree. We dedicate this episode to Holden’s idol and roommate(?), Pete Buttigieg. Keep writing your fanfics, hotties!! and PS bookmark this episode so we can use itContinue reading “The Chicken Caesar Salad of Interviews”


Because of our grossly insane amount of fame and clout we have gathered from this podcast, we have decided to pick a fan to do a live pod episode with!! Write a fan fic about Isla and Jackson, email it to, and the best one turned in by the end of November will comeContinue reading “WANNA BE ON THE POD?? **NOT CLICKBAIT**”

The Headless Whoresman: A Halloween Special

BOO! Did we scare you? Uploading the episode a day late?? OOOoooOOOO spooky *thunder crash*. In our super special Halloween episode, we talk Nightmare Before Christmas, our favorite costumes, and most importantly, where D*sney’s cryogenically frozen head is at. If you are from the rat company aforementioned, pls don’t hurt us k thanks 🙂

This Podcast is an Affront to God

We finally did an episode for all you jocks out there–welcome to the world of DU sports! Isla and Jackson get into ski culture, Literotica, and Michael Vick. We also challenge the DU Swim Teams to be our Official Podcast Rivals because . . . well . . . we can. Still mad respect though.Continue reading “This Podcast is an Affront to God”