The Elephant in the Presidential Motorcade

This week, while Jackson presents his theory of things he refuses to like just because he know he will like them, we learn that Isla is a class traitor and has a b*yfriend. We also spend sometime roasting our audience and reference multiple assassinations (or attempts) in American history. MAY 27TH LATE NIGHT SHOW!!

*4/20 SPECIAL*: Isla and Jackson Look Like Narcs

SURPRISE, STONERS! In this episode, Jackson and Isla take a special in-depth dive into Colorado’s favorite holiday, 4/20, and the following festival downtown. We also discuss what stingrays have to do to mend our relationship with them, as well as another special weed-related outing that Isla had with Jackson’s family. See you at auditions, losers!

What Would Larry the Cucumber Do?

FIRST SPECIAL GUEST EPISODE!! Haley joins us to talk Anna Kendrick, the military, DU’s production of Cabaret, and VeggieTales. IMPORTANT: SKINTIGHT AUDITIONS THIS SUNDAY (4/24). Be on the lookout for another episode later this week 🙂

The T*mmy Slur

Can you guess what celebrity Isla has a strong disdain for? This week, Jackson and Isla trash on DU’s latest shenanigans, Madison Cawthorn, and the state of celebrities today. Oh, also John Lennon. Are we becoming a… informational and hot take podcast?… Make sure to come to our live shows every Wednesdays in Lindsay AuditoriumContinue reading “The T*mmy Slur”

Isla Forgets English

WE ARE BACK, LOSERS!! Wow, what a time it has been. Tune back in for our final 10 episodes this quarter, including (but not limited to) snappy one liners, biting social commentary, innuendos galore, and the American past time of “Beezing.” MAKE SURE to follow Skintight Outrage of Instagram and come to our weekly showsContinue reading “Isla Forgets English”

SPECIAL EP: Inside the Vault

THIS WEEK . . . we had technical difficulties so we compiled some of our bits from the past that we never included in an episode!! Sports, Holden, Kat, S*x, Isla being short–everyone and everything is back to play. We will be back to our regularly scheduled programming next Monday! bisou ;*

Doxxing the Jocks

“Jesus won’t forgive the DU jocks, but Isla will try.” Happy belated Easter y’all (Easter? I hardly know her)! Isla and Jackson are back for season 3 of Show Some Skin and we hit all of your favorite topics–airport masseuses, Las Vegas, and David Boreanaz. Isla also exposes all of the DU jocks who haveContinue reading “Doxxing the Jocks”


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