SPECIAL EP: Inside the Vault

THIS WEEK . . . we had technical difficulties so we compiled some of our bits from the past that we never included in an episode!! Sports, Holden, Kat, S*x, Isla being short–everyone and everything is back to play. We will be back to our regularly scheduled programming next Monday! bisou ;*

Doxxing the Jocks

“Jesus won’t forgive the DU jocks, but Isla will try.” Happy belated Easter y’all (Easter? I hardly know her)! Isla and Jackson are back for season 3 of Show Some Skin and we hit all of your favorite topics–airport masseuses, Las Vegas, and David Boreanaz. Isla also exposes all of the DU jocks who haveContinue reading “Doxxing the Jocks”

Fuckingham Palace

Happy Week 10, virgins. We talk about how awful DU is for making week 10 so difficult this year because it is all that we have on our minds. But then, and even less importantly, we talk about the R*yal F*mily and why the are the wORST. And then, yet again, Jackson sexualizes fucking theContinue reading “Fuckingham Palace”

Jacking and Jilling

TOM IS HERE! this girlboss talks about living on campus and the food we are subjugated to. we also talk about being a twitter leftist, stir fry rules, and tips. lots. of. tips. again, we are Pro-kink and Pro-Jack Black podcast . . . and if Isla and I were married, I think we allContinue reading “Jacking and Jilling”


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