You really wanna be here? Ok cool. Welcome. We are the University of Denver’s plague of student groups, Skintight Outrage–DU’s Premier (and only) Improv group. Find our new podcast, Show Some Skin, here on this website, and check out Skintight Outrage’s channel on Youtube for accessible and hilarious content. Kisses ;*

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Plasma and Pickles

Sorry for the wait (to our four dedicated listeners)! This week, Show Some Skin brings on Skintight Outrage president Julian to discuss important matters of the heart, such as the morality of murder-for-hire and the joys of donating plasma in a school gymnasium. THIS WEEK: entertainment night with Skintight Outrage! Wednesday at 8:30pm in Sturm,…

Guess Who? Not Lizzie

Welcome back Skintight fans!! We got a whole new season for you, as well as proud new hosts! Follow Haley and Josh on the new direction of the podcast, where they’ll catch up, play games, and invite others on to join. We’re all very excited to kick this thing off – are you ready to…

The Elephant in the Presidential Motorcade

This week, while Jackson presents his theory of things he refuses to like just because he know he will like them, we learn that Isla is a class traitor and has a b*yfriend. We also spend sometime roasting our audience and reference multiple assassinations (or attempts) in American history. MAY 27TH LATE NIGHT SHOW!!

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