Plasma and Pickles

Sorry for the wait (to our four dedicated listeners)! This week, Show Some Skin brings on Skintight Outrage president Julian to discuss important matters of the heart, such as the morality of murder-for-hire and the joys of donating plasma in a school gymnasium. THIS WEEK: entertainment night with Skintight Outrage! Wednesday at 8:30pm in Sturm,Continue reading “Plasma and Pickles”

Guess Who? Not Lizzie

Welcome back Skintight fans!! We got a whole new season for you, as well as proud new hosts! Follow Haley and Josh on the new direction of the podcast, where they’ll catch up, play games, and invite others on to join. We’re all very excited to kick this thing off – are you ready toContinue reading “Guess Who? Not Lizzie”

*4/20 SPECIAL*: Isla and Jackson Look Like Narcs

SURPRISE, STONERS! In this episode, Jackson and Isla take a special in-depth dive into Colorado’s favorite holiday, 4/20, and the following festival downtown. We also discuss what stingrays have to do to mend our relationship with them, as well as another special weed-related outing that Isla had with Jackson’s family. See you at auditions, losers!

You Can’t Gaslight a Girlboss

sup, losers?! we talk about Jackson’s post-cold sensual voice, Red Lobster, and our idol, Chris Fleming. Isla and Jackson are celebrities to all of you (we know that) but today, we discuss what celebrities minds we live in RENT FREE. also, Jackson’s favorite TV show, VICTORIOUS! then . . . Isla breaks Jackson’s heart 😦Continue reading “You Can’t Gaslight a Girlboss”

The Pretty Liar & the Little Liar

Back for more, loser? You gobble them up like a little pig, don’t you? This week, the podcast talks about the Oscars, a PLL book club, and H*mestuck (ew! nerd shit). Make sure to go to the improv show this Wednesday. You can register on CrimsonConnect if you’re hot enough. Also, I know what youContinue reading “The Pretty Liar & the Little Liar”