You Can’t Gaslight a Girlboss

sup, losers?! we talk about Jackson’s post-cold sensual voice, Red Lobster, and our idol, Chris Fleming. Isla and Jackson are celebrities to all of you (we know that) but today, we discuss what celebrities minds we live in RENT FREE. also, Jackson’s favorite TV show, VICTORIOUS! then . . . Isla breaks Jackson’s heart 😦Continue reading “You Can’t Gaslight a Girlboss”

The Pretty Liar & the Little Liar

Back for more, loser? You gobble them up like a little pig, don’t you? This week, the podcast talks about the Oscars, a PLL book club, and H*mestuck (ew! nerd shit). Make sure to go to the improv show this Wednesday. You can register on CrimsonConnect if you’re hot enough. Also, I know what youContinue reading “The Pretty Liar & the Little Liar”

Night at the Aquarium XXX

didn’t you miss Winter Carnival this year? because we sure didn’t. not only do we discuss the event of DU’s yearly flop era, but Jackson talks about why he ❤ Isla and Isla insults Jackson’s hands. then, of course, we talk about fucking in an aquarium. naturally. we will see you later this week forContinue reading “Night at the Aquarium XXX”

Going Full Joker (but as a woman)

ok y’all, you want updates on what Skintight is doing?? check in with us this episode to hear the plan for the rest of quarter . . . THEN stick around for our hot take on D*sney’s new Cruella movie as well as Isla’s own high school origin story. we also start and END theContinue reading “Going Full Joker (but as a woman)”

McRibbed for Your Pleasure

Who’s that spunky man?? It’s ALEK, a veteran of the Skintight Team, here to tell us his perspective on conspiracies, on theatre kids, and on Power. If YOU would like to give Alek some Power, contact him at [redacted]. Also, please settle this once and for all: does Jackson gaslight Isla more often, or doesContinue reading “McRibbed for Your Pleasure”